In time we can find that all things are in cycle. Some are larger than others but are all connected in some way. Even the cycle of the universe can be associated with human activity. And the other part of it that ties it all together is gravitational force. That is what holds the cycle in place or draws it in or cast it away. As our lives revolve around one another it is either directly or indirectly. We on the other hand our given the opportunity to effect one another in a positive way or negative, this is done by choice. Unlike other things we can determine as individuals the outcome. All cycles have a end to a means. This simply is the fact that it ends as we know it and starts a new. For instance there was a star born four and a half billion years ago. the life time of the cycle of a star I do not know. One thing I am certain of tho is that it will end. This star that I am speaking of is known as our sun. When this particular stars cycle comes to a end it will be the end as we know it, but also the beginning of some thing we do not. We as humans typically fear the unknown.For example here is a vicious cycle that has a undetermined ending that we should fear. sixty years ago it was common to work for fifty cents a hour just twenty dollars a week. you could plan vacations feed your family pay your rent and so forth. Well due to greed that has evolved or rolled in to what we have today. As we continually want more wages then products become more expensive there for you are not gaining anything. In theory what is happening is that  products and services cost more. So the programs that are in place to help the less fortunate ones, the ones with disabilities injured on the job, crippled in a car wreck, unwed mothers etc. can not keep up. So then you have some of the problems we see today. I personally can not imagine any body that is worth as much as some are getting. Especially when you have very well qualified individuals living in the street with out a job because of some  greedy S.O.B. in a high rise some where. We have the opportunity to change this, for how long that is uncertain because that star I spoke of burns out a little more each minute. That is why I will remind you of a familiar quote. Yesterday is history Tomorrow is a mystery but Today is a blessing. Do we want to continually be unappreciative of our blessings?


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