putty in your hands

Is it not our part to mold the idea of a future generation? Can we not pass the test of time is it not part of the design? As we begin I shall call you my friend but when we find the end we can no longer be as we once were and have to find a new beginning that is unsure.  This I share with you and hope you can see it too. Even though the next day is uncertain we hope to see the light when we draw back the curtain. And if for some reason the lady of destiny did not except your offer to dance and you failed when you tried to get in her pants , just remain focused and your going to get your chance. Consistency is the key do not lose sight of your dream and what should occur will be. We are all the same and for some reason some of us are looking to someone to blame. Even though we share the same faults and it is not for us to choose who can win and who shall loose. In conclusion I will make this statement.When we come to a point that it is now a dual , neither one really wins are you a fool? One man dies the other lives with that. I clearly do not see that a winner should be proclaimed I only see that a man lost his life and another is to blame.


A undesirable topic

Is it not peculiar that when we die that others are sad. The bible tells us of an afterlife  that is much better than this one. Is our sadness a selfishness? I can understand that we begin to realize that that person will no longer be with us physically in this world, and that is sad.However we should not be sad but glad that they no longer have to be a part of this and have graduated to the next level.Of course if their heart was in the wrong place then I would imagine you should really grieve for that person. A life in eternal damnation is not something to rejoice about. I personally have been involved in many different religions. As a result I do not believe in religion. I believe in God. It does not matter what anyone tries to convince you of or what ideas they try to sell you on. All you need to know is that if you believe you will be saved. Does that mean you have to be perfect or you should judge others or change what you like? Not at all . If you like worshiping the devil I would not recommend that. You see if you believe you would not do that anyway. There is one way to know and find God and that is thru Jesus. No other way. You simply pray to your heavenly father (GOD) in Jesus name. He will hear you. Just because he does not always give you what you want you must understand that it is not always the best for you. Trust in him and all will be good. And when you die you will be in good hands Allstate does not have anything on God. One example I can reveal is this. Many of us would like to be famous or win the lottery, Right? just look at some who did. Many have committed suicide or ended up in prison. You see some of us are not able to withstand the demands that would be upon us in these circumstances. We do not know this and we only think selfishly generally as humans. But God knows best, that is if you believe. Would it not be a great tragedy  to think you had all that fame and fortune and not know God and end up dead after such a great worldly accomplishment only to spend eternity in hell. The bible says that a poor man has a better chance of entering the kingdom of God than a rich man because the rich man has already received his reward. Our lives on this earth and in this time and space are just a small part of the big picture. It is not for us to have total understanding but to trust in God . When we do this we are serving him as he wishes . If it was not for him you would not be here anyway. Evil is abound and is always trying to confuse what God is trying to convey to you. The devil is tricky and is able to make you think that God is telling you things when it is not so. Pray to God in Jesus name for guidance to prevent this and you will overcome the devil. I can not convey how important these things I tell you are now, more so than ever. It is your choice ultimately . Know this, organized religion is just that .A organization that is taking advantage of tax structures to make a profit. You do not have to belong to a church to believe in or know God. Read your Bible. There are many ways to do Gods work without  putting 10% of your money in a preachers offering plate. When God says to give 10% he means to give it back. You were blessed now return the favor. Maybe you volunteer at the homeless shelter maybe you give to a worthy cause that helps less fortunate ones. Pray and he will let you know .Never think there is only one way. I may not win a popularity contest with this post. And that is what is so cool . You see I do not care because I am popular where I want to be.

Within reach

From twenty four to forty nine with them all I have shared some time. I have watched them cum and have seen them blow, I have worked for them and they for me. I have been with them on land and done them at sea, but I never found the one that was truly meant for me. As I search there I go looking for that one ,youknow. I will try until I die and they shovel dirt in my eye. I begin to wonder if the plan for me is not of this earth ,but in heaven maybe.As time goes by I am sure I will see. I only know that it is better to of had and lost than to have missed the boat, no matter what the cost. As the moon goes down and the sun comes up you can bet that some where in town they were shaking and giving up the butt. The prettier they are the harder you will fall until you become wise enough not to fuck with them at all. Since the time of Eve and Adam so it seems they really only bring pleasure in a dream. Finding one to work with you and see a task until it is thru will only happen if she is God sent to you.Do not seek perfection because this can not be, I know I went thru women and cars like new money.I could and would never reveal all I know but I thought this much before I go.

If wishes were Fishes.

If wishes were fishes we would all cast nets. Lets be glad that they are not. Because if they were, peaple would cast their nets and cast their nets until there were none left. Or the government would put limitations on how many wishes you could catch in one day. And then they would regulate the size of the wish you could catch. And impose fines for catching wishes they deemed not worthy. Then when it came time to vote on the regulations, as long as there was a apposing force they would convieniently not attend until the opposing numbers were low enough. You see we should thank God that things are as they are. We ought to be grateful for the limitations that are reality. Just imagine how much chaos would incur if things were like we wished.

The Dream

It was the sixth of June under a silvery moon in nineteen and sixty six. Even after the ground and air blitz we were all still in a state of bliss. After the dust had cleared came a sound from the rear that reminded you of someone trying to take a shit. After we looked around for a long bit we were sure it was just the sound of someone dying.But to our surprise we began to realize there was more to it than just tricks.We looked to the heavens and the way the stars shinned eventually became a extension of our mind. And so in time as it seemed we would awake from the dream.


Vision, do we really know the definition of vision? Is it simply what is available for our eyes to see, or can we add more definition? Some would think of vision as kind of dream like .Some may think of it as seeing a creation in it’s form of infancy.I can recall a line from a movie that best describes it for me . It was Butch and Sundance where Paul Newman said the whole world wears blinders but I have true vision.That was long ago what do you suppose they were trying to relay in that line? Most I bet have never gave it much thought. I have always to some degree held on to that particular mind set.The problem with having this gift if you will, is that it tends to bring you down. When you can see things for what they really are and realize what big brothers plans are it leaves you feeling somewhere between helpless and trapped. Knowing that every benefit that is presented to you there is a diabolical reason for it. Now that comment may be a little harsh but for lack of a better way of coming across I will go with it. Vision gives you the ability to know that for every positive there is the counter part and allows you to see it.I could go into many examples of this, the thing is that those who have it know what I’m saying. Those who do not would not believe it anyway. What makes the governing factors so fortunate is that there is not that many visionaries. Most sadly it seems would just rather put the blinders on and follow the lead. I guess that can be related to a survival tactic because the lone wolf is hunted down and shot.