putty in your hands

Is it not our part to mold the idea of a future generation? Can we not pass the test of time is it not part of the design? As we begin I shall call you my friend but when we find the end we can no longer be as we once were and have to find a new beginning that is unsure.  This I share with you and hope you can see it too. Even though the next day is uncertain we hope to see the light when we draw back the curtain. And if for some reason the lady of destiny did not except your offer to dance and you failed when you tried to get in her pants , just remain focused and your going to get your chance. Consistency is the key do not lose sight of your dream and what should occur will be. We are all the same and for some reason some of us are looking to someone to blame. Even though we share the same faults and it is not for us to choose who can win and who shall loose. In conclusion I will make this statement.When we come to a point that it is now a dual , neither one really wins are you a fool? One man dies the other lives with that. I clearly do not see that a winner should be proclaimed I only see that a man lost his life and another is to blame.