I would like to…

I would like to share a little about my self. That way you may begin to understand my pain. Like most of my generation I was raised when spare the rod and spoil the child was a all to common statement. I went to Christian, Lutheran, and  Protestant private schools as well as public ones. my family was always moving some where. When I was a boy of 11 years I was baptized an truly felt the presence of the holy spirit. Now I ask did that remove me from sin? No, if any thing it only made me more susceptible. I always had this unique way about me that caused me to befriend the worst kid on the block. As a result of this I had reaped my fair share of troubles. I always knew who God was and as a result of that I am here today.Today we find ourselves In definite times of uncertain troubles. Many of us choose not to recognize this, and still others will not accept it. Often times we have no where else to turn except to the power of prayer. That being said brings me to the following. Not picking on a particular group of individuals I will simply ask what has happened to us where is our since of fellow man? For example I was at a Christian thrift store about a week and a half ago. I came across a wireless mouse. I was genuinely interested in purchasing it. I was looking at it and having great difficulty reading the hook up info that was printed on the back, I opened the zip lock bag to get a better look at it. At about that time the man that was a volunteer at said Christian thrift store came walking by. Now mind you this is a three dollar item, I asked him if he knew if it worked or not. At that time he took it away from me and proceeded to tell me how I was not going to purchase anything .  I tried to explain to him that I really wanted it but he took it to a back room and proceeded to tell me that I would have to leave and if I did not would be escorted off of the property.So I left not sure what had just happened And realized I should probably pray for him. Now, today I came across a website that was literally in the business of prayer.Unknown to me I thought I would seek the power of prayer for my self . You see things have not been well that is why I was at the thrift store to begin with.( short on funds ) Anyway I figured that maybe if some Christians said a prayer for me that could not hurt,long story short.I filled out the questionnaire and made my request at the bottom of the page it asked for a donation. the min. was nine dollars the max. 35. I only have fifty six cents to my name on my debit card I can not donate. Do you know that they rejected my request because I am unable to donate funds. I have said it before I will say it now. I knew we were in trouble when they made it ok to drop the soap but don’t get caught burning rope. I can only hope that we can begin to turn this around for the sake of future generations. my self I figure maybe I will live ten more years or so but if things continue in this direction I really hope they go by quick. Just a thought it is all but a moment in time. And what ever is done is just that it can not be changed.


It was bound to happen

I just could no longer refrain. As much as  I was reluctant I was also intrigued. Seeing the probability of the personal academic benefit alone was enough.