Within reach

From twenty four to forty nine with them all I have shared some time. I have watched them cum and have seen them blow, I have worked for them and they for me. I have been with them on land and done them at sea, but I never found the one that was truly meant for me. As I search there I go looking for that one ,youknow. I will try until I die and they shovel dirt in my eye. I begin to wonder if the plan for me is not of this earth ,but in heaven maybe.As time goes by I am sure I will see. I only know that it is better to of had and lost than to have missed the boat, no matter what the cost. As the moon goes down and the sun comes up you can bet that some where in town they were shaking and giving up the butt. The prettier they are the harder you will fall until you become wise enough not to fuck with them at all. Since the time of Eve and Adam so it seems they really only bring pleasure in a dream. Finding one to work with you and see a task until it is thru will only happen if she is God sent to you.Do not seek perfection because this can not be, I know I went thru women and cars like new money.I could and would never reveal all I know but I thought this much before I go.


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