Vision, do we really know the definition of vision? Is it simply what is available for our eyes to see, or can we add more definition? Some would think of vision as kind of dream like .Some may think of it as seeing a creation in it’s form of infancy.I can recall a line from a movie that best describes it for me . It was Butch and Sundance where Paul Newman said the whole world wears blinders but I have true vision.That was long ago what do you suppose they were trying to relay in that line? Most I bet have never gave it much thought. I have always to some degree held on to that particular mind set.The problem with having this gift if you will, is that it tends to bring you down. When you can see things for what they really are and realize what big brothers plans are it leaves you feeling somewhere between helpless and trapped. Knowing that every benefit that is presented to you there is a diabolical reason for it. Now that comment may be a little harsh but for lack of a better way of coming across I will go with it. Vision gives you the ability to know that for every positive there is the counter part and allows you to see it.I could go into many examples of this, the thing is that those who have it know what I’m saying. Those who do not would not believe it anyway. What makes the governing factors so fortunate is that there is not that many visionaries. Most sadly it seems would just rather put the blinders on and follow the lead. I guess that can be related to a survival tactic because the lone wolf is hunted down and shot.                          


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